Why do I feel so bad about myself?

I feel horrible about my appearance and personality now as I begin another year of school. I thought losing the weight would help, but I still feel as though I'm not good looking, and that I'm socially awkward. It's hitting me even more than before also. What should I do? I've been on the meds in the past, and still talk to my therapist. I've tried being more hopeful recently, but I just feel myself getting shut down by my own mind down the line. This is beginning to give me anxiety attacks, and I can no longer take it.


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  • Check your 5 senses. You can't taste your low self esteem, hmmm no you can't touch it either. How about smell? No. No, that not it. Sight! Ah ha! Sight you don't like wha you... No.. Hmmm what about hearing? You know what these bastards got one thing in common. What? They all deal with your brain. That's it. Your thought process is what's getting you. You have convince yourself in thinking waaaaaaay better than your thinking now. Hey if lonely guys can mastubate to women who ain't even present you can convince yourself your that damn good in since of you are better than what others and yourself might think. Matter fact challenge yourself. Stop taking 5 minutes to walk to a place make it 3 minutes. Challenge yourself to do better and don't give up til you do. If your skinny then you know it but you feel likewise. Fuck it your brain is against and that ain't what you need. You need to change it by doing something way more exciting than what your brain is thinking. See that sour cream lid. Throw mug like a frisbee and see how far fucker goes. For an example. Make bounce and hit walls and come back to you. Challeng yourself.

    • That's good advice. Do you happen to be interested in philosophy? Cause that sounds like something Albert Camus said.

    • Hahahahaha no. I'm a novice at philosophy. But I tell you things by my experience.

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  • Aw, i think you just need to reach a point where you no longer care. Trust me i feel this way sometimes but then i'm like wait... there's more important things in life.


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