I manipulate people but not intentionally? It just happens?

I don't know what is wrong with me but I seriously manipulate everyone around me. Even my parents. I don't know/remember how long this has been going on but I feel really bad about it. I sometimes lie to my parents just to get money to buy some stuff. I really love my parents. I want to stop this habit but I don't know how, it just happens naturally. I really hate myself for this...


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  • People naturally manipulate their environment for their benefit. It's a perfectly human fault. The extent you've mentioned is troubling. Like a temper you've got to reign it in yourself. Think about your love and the consequences of your actions to those you love. Understanding that you're human nature is taking a bad turn is the first step to fixing things. :)


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  • What do you mean it just happens? You don't manipulate anyone unintentionally, manipulation is choice, you will definitely know when you are manipulating someone.

    Logically anything or anyone can be manipulated if you can understand that thing or that particular person very well and if you do then you can manipulate that person or thing in your favor.

    Hence wanting to manipulate someone is a choice, it's your decision. It's not possible that you do it unintentionally. It cannot just happen, not possible.

    At least not in my view.

  • What are your intention behind your manipulation?

    • I don't know, I guess it makes my life more easy?
      It just happens naturally for me. Like I'm not even thinking about manipulating but I just do it.

    • More easy.. I mean you have to eleborate. I often do this but my intent is never to hurt people. I was just having this dicussion with someone else. I like to dissect everything for what it is. I like to know why things are they way they are and why people act they way they do. Sometimes a traditional approach does not yield a genuine answer to me. Sometimes I play the devil's advocate or I will get a rise out of them to see their response on certain things. I can really figure out what kind of person they are this way. People in general are very deceitful even unintentionally I do this because I'm genuinely curious. The problem arises when you start manipulating people to lower them for personal gain. Those are traits associated with a sociopath.

    • Noo, I don't mean to lower them. I just how should I say it... Lie to get what I want but not in a bad way? Like a lie that should be good but it's actually neutral. A little like sugar coating.

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