Who are you voting for in 2016 (With a twist)?

Who are you voting for in this election?

  • Gary Johnson (Libertarian Party)
  • Jill Stein (Green Party)
  • Hillary Clinton (Democrat Party)
  • Donald Trump (Republican Party)
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  • If I was in the states right now I would vote third party, libertarian however I luckily am living in New Zealand for now :)

    • Is there a party similar to libertarians in new zeland?

    • Honestly I recently moved here from the states and can't vote here because I am living here on a work visa haha but the main parties I know of include The National Party (like Republicans) the Labor Party (Like Democrats) and those two almost always win like the Democrats and Republicans in the States. There is also a Green Party and a Maori party and all of their parties are more liberal than the U. S. but how liberal depends on the party. The New Zealand First party is probably the closest to the libertarian party but unfortunately isn't too popular here... just by what I believe in would cause me to vote libertarian if I lived in the states currently

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  • I'm voting for Clinton.


What Guys Said 2

  • Trump. I don't like Hillary.

  • What's the twist? you added candidates that have a less than 1% chance of winning?

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    • which brings me back to the original question. The twist is adding people who won't win? but whatever. this conversation is boring. later.

    • Wether they win or not is not the point. They need to be in conversation and in the debates wether you agree with them or not