If their was a way that you could change your sex and have that sex's work sex organs would you do it?

It could be permanent or temporary I don't care and I would change permanently

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Most Helpful Girl

  • I love having a pussy. I wouldn't want a dick foe the rest of my life... maybe for a day or two but no more than that...

    • What does having a vagina feel like?
      Masterbaiting, having sex, peeing, period,
      Also what does having breast feel like?
      When you play with them and breastfeed also having them licked?

    • I don't know how to describe what it feels like since I don't have anything to compare it to...
      But it's convenient, easy...
      I like how it feels to touch it... it's easy to hold our pee if we have to... feels amazing when we finally go...
      Having boobs... kinda annoying. But make for great fun... biggest turn on for me. Not at all for others. Just depends

    • It's like he's trying really hard to get off, lol.

Most Helpful Guy

  • Temporary would be a no-brainer, but even if it were permanent I'd definitely consider it.


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What Girls Said 2

  • Am more than happy and content as I am, thank you.

  • I think in my previous life, I was a guy. Guys have it easier, no stretching of the vajayjay from childbirth. No monthly period, no pms.


What Guys Said 1

  • Naw, I like being the fucker, thanks.