What are you top 5 most concerning policies and characteristics of Trump and Hillary?

Please make it a list of both people


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  • You should rephrase and repost the question, it doesn't make a lot of grammatical sense to me

    • What are the issues to fix?

    • First I thought you wanted me to list what I look for in a candidate, until I saw "please list for both people"
      i just have no idea what you're asking

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  • Hillary Concerns i don't have concerns with her policies as much as her ability to be president so i'll list them
    1. honesty
    2. decision making in war times (e. g. benghazi)
    3. ability to follow through on some lofty promises or at least campaign platforms
    4. her ability or desire to surround herself with diverse mindsets
    5. how much wall street and major campaign donors may have her in their pockets
    ... hillary's biggest problem to me is that she seems to lack relate ability and as a result her earnestness becomes questionable

    trump (a mix of both policy and general concerns)
    1. apparent discriminatory practices regarding immigration
    2. hypocrisy (ex. critical of of jobs leaving the US and yet he practices the same thing).
    3. honesty
    4. virtuosity. the president is the ultimate civil servant living a selfless life. i don't know that trump has done a truly selfless thing in his life
    5. total lack of experience (ex. lack of understanding of mideast players, names, groups, influences, as he proposes solutions to terrorism).
    ... generally i just think that he lacks the requisite needs to be a commander in chief. humility, generosity, selflessness, knowledge of world affairs, etc


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  • Of trump in no particular order.
    1. thin skinned, cry baby little bitch. this is especially dangerous considering he asked a foreign policy expert why we can't use nukes.
    2. debt default or US treasury bond hair cut. this will destroy the world economy.
    3. trade wars. this will sink the US economy and make everything more expensive.
    4. woefully ignorant and unqualified. you're running for president and you didn't even know russia invaded the ukraine?
    5. Has no real plan for anything. Just says I'm the only one who can fix it without explaining how.

    I could go on for about 30 more points: lies about everything, sociopathic, misogynistic, etc, etc.

    • and nothing about Hillary?

    • I knew you'd ask.

      I couldn't care less about her and have no feelings one way or the other. I'd choose her over a dangerous, insane, demagogue any day.

    • of course, the question said for both.

  • my biggest thing about hillary is that she is okay with islam.. she actually thinks islam is a religion of peace and ill tell you now that if she is elected president, islam will run roughshod on america

    • my problem with trump is that he can sometimes be unrealistic and kind of cold