Is this movie appropriate for kids?

My friends daughter wants to see the new Ghostbusters movie but I don't know if she's old enough. She's almost 4. We took her to a couple of movies she did really well. Her mom and dad have been watching the old Ghostbusters. She hasn't really watched them she said she watched parts of it with her dad. Her brother is 12 he can watch them. He loves them. Her mom has seen the new one 3 times already. She says there's some moments in it she doesn't really want her to see. But she took her 7 year old cousin to see it he loved it. There were lots of little kids there last week when she went. Even though the movie is PG-13 kids seem to love it. Her mom really loves it but she's not sure if she's ready to see it. Do you think it's appropriate for kids? Should she be allowed to watch it?


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  • Let her watch it. It does have the occasional cuss word, but it's funny and overall kid friendly.


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