What's this mean to you?

What's this mean to you?
"If I ever lose someone for having too much depth, for having too much soul, for having standards too high, for dreaming too big, for putting work before play, for keeping it real, for loving too hard, for pushing them to see the grass is only green where you water it… Then the loss was not mine to begin with." is this Written in a way it's said to another person or a person talking about themselves to another person? I'm confused. Are the listing of traits about another person?


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  • The person is talking about itself to another person. It's a message.

  • That the person who leaves you for having these traits is the one losing out?
    Could come off as controlling and demanding depending on the person and what their asking for.
    "for pushing them to see the grass is only green where you water it" <- I like that though :)

    • Does that mean they're telling the person to settle for them or they can't find better?

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    • So basically why I want to know about this quote is because the guy I like said it was perfect but I don't know if he was talking about it for me or him

    • does he know you like him? do he post it online or something?
      sounds like he was talking about himself tbh

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