Does this sound like a good deal?

I got an offer from my phone comany (Telus) saying they'll give me an Apple iPad mini 2 for $24 a month (2 year payment). I don't know if I need an iPad or not tho because I have an iPhone 6s but anyways I told them I'll think about it but do you think it's a good deal? Why or why not? And would you take that deal? Why or why not?


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  • I don't think that is a very good deal you can buy one from Amazon for under $200.

    Plus iPads don't really serve a purpose in my opinion, I mean you can do everything on your phone.


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  • The Apple iPad Mini 2 is about $200-$300.
    At $24 for 2 years (24 months) that would be $576 which is significantly more expensive than just buying the tablet on its own. Not only that but by the end of 2 years Apple would have released newer models.
    Its not a good deal cause it's expensive and there will be newer models. I would just decline their offer and stick to your phone.


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  • No I wouldn't do it id rather put the $24 into saving then after the two years you could by the iPad Air 2