Awkward question!! what should I do?

Okay soo my best friend (who is my ex too) and i have been patching things up lately and talking about becoming more than friends but it's been more sexual that anything

well i'm spending the night at his house soon for the first time and i'm freaking out because i think i snore.. actually no i am pretty sure i snore

i don't want him to think of me as unattractive after hearing me snore while sleeping so i am super scared

what should i do? is there any way to stop snoring?

20 hours later... any more answers?


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  • Girl your tripping! Are you giving him some? Becouse if you are then he can't complaint!

    • eh.. i don't want to do a lot with him for the sake of us and i don't want to just give it up.. but i'm still worried

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    • yeah maybe you're right !

    • Hey i hopw i am lol best of. luck to you!

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  • First never get back with an ex. If you do that snoring or farting will be the least of your worries

    • he is my first love.. that's the reason im allowing myself to go back.. everybody else i don't go back to

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    • well it matters to me. i messed up with him and it took me a long time to get him back.

    • Have fun with that

  • Under 18 and you're sleeping at a boyfriend house? Lucky you.
    Forget about the snoring, what about your morning breath? Lol

    • lol he's not my boyfriend just yet so his sister is okay with it.. as for morning breath.. i get up before him lol i'm just worried about snoring

    • Yep don't freakout about it. He might think its cute. lol

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  • Don't sleep on your back.