What response do you think we should have about homosexual people?

Personally I really really don't care about homosexuals or what is happening to them, but I can see that more and more people are attacking gay people and i really don't understand why? Most of them are religious, I can see that, and I can't stand them. But from a free thinker position, why do you think they should be mocked? let me explain you my point of view better. I'm walking on the park and I see a couple kissing and i don't care, I see a gay couple kissing*I don't care*(unless they are lesbians, than my uhmm... moral will em... rise) but any way, If I see a girl dress like a man, there would be no problem, if i see a man dressed like a girl than my cringe will have a cringe.

  • We should attack them!
  • We shouldn't care.
  • We should defend them.
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  • A combination of the last two. They're just people. What gender they love shouldn't matter. And like any wrongdoing, we should help build them up when others are tearing them down.


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  • We should defend them because ehm what's worse a guy dressed as girl but behaving himself, or someone who robs people with violence?

    • That's not an explanation, what has a guy who robs people with violence doing here? It's like you responding to :"Should we eat apples of should we not?" with "We should because I hate peaches" There is no context to it, and no connection.

    • I'm just saying that I don't see why we shouldn't defend them. They're just people. Homosexual... it's their choice. But I think we should defend them. I mean, why shouldn't we? They do nothing wrong, compared to robbers and all that. That's what I'm trying to say

    • Yes you are right, they did nothing wrong for just being gay, but if there are people who want to harm them, they should manage themselves like any other person. I bet that if no one will give a fuck about them anymore, there will be less and less anti-gay people. I feel like the media doesn't help, they are showing them too much. Personally I don't care if someone is gay, or a different race or sex, if you are nice to me i will be nice to you.

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  • How are they being attacked? If anything people who disagree with homosexuality are attacked far more often even though gays are less than 1% of the population.

    • You know, like anti-gay riots and stuff

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    • Nobody should be attacked for anything, even if you're someone who opposes homosexuality. Not all people who disagree with homosexuality hate gay people.

    • Well of course, that has something with being a human and have common sense.

  • It's all about double standards... and double standards suck. (in reply to your comment about cross-dressing/transgender)

    • I know it's not ok, but I really can't stand a man dressed like a woman. In my opinion a male is someone with a penis, a man is someone who do what he likes as long as he can protect him and the ones around him and make the world better. Same goes for females. But a male dress as a woman is annoying for me, I know it doesn't meet any of my principles about being a man, it's more like a preconception but I can't get rid of it. When I see someone who is denying his nature I assume that I cannot trust that person. And yes, you may say about hormonal changes and stuff, but if they would be important enough he wouldn't be a male since the birth. And about girls that dress like men and deny their nature, I don't feel like a woman nature is to be feminine, they should care and protect and strive for better, same as guys. But I totally feel like a male should not be feminine.

    • I'm not sure I understand your definition of feminine. Basically, you said the difference between males and females is that guys have guy-parts. Plus, expression (femininity/masculinity-presentation) is totally different than actual gender. There are no guidelines as to how a gender must present themselves (or there should not be, at least).

    • You are kind of right, but i can't accept that, I would never have a male friend who would act like a woman.

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