Which is more easier?

American English or British English?
You are be impartial :)


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  • British English
    I leave in the USA, and I speak American. When I moved to the USA, I didn't know half of what the people were talking. I mean I understood, but there were certain words, that had me confused. I am African, but I learnt English from a British book. I was told that I told that I read like a British person. I had to explain I was African, and I was not from Great Britain... lol 😆


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  • British English is easier in my opinion, mainly because I have spoke it all of life. Whilst I have nothing against people from other cultures, American English is kind of strange..

  • Probably American English, I learn British English at school but I find the American one easier, probably because of the American influence in our lives (songs, movies, tv shows)

  • To me American but thats like the langue i grew up to


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