Am I a Starseed and an Indigo at the same time or what?

I can't bother to go in the fine detail and characteristics of who an indigo is and who a starseed is. I know them already and I'm assuming you do too. I am an indigo child, I have all the traits of one and I firmly believe I am without a shadow of doubt but I also feel I'm a starseed. That, I am slightly unsure of since according to what I have read, starseeds have to have dreams of E. T encounters or had been abducted before or have memories that they were abducted. The problem I have is I feel like a starseed, ever since I was a child I've felt that I didn't belong on the planet and I'm not trying to sound cliche or anything here I'm serious I've even questioned my parents numerous times if they really are my parents (still question them too from time to time even though they're getting tired of it) but I don't have any memories or partial memories of abduction. And its only very rarely do I dream of ufos. So what does this mean... Am I a Starseed or not and if I am what would it mean to me and to the collective


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  • Are you also a special snowflake that's delicate and needs to be coddled? Don't be ridiculous, your not an indigo child. You're not special, I used to see spirits, hear voices and i've seen what I am pretty sure was a demon but i am in no way a Starseed or Indigo child, my family just has some level of psychic abilities and it goes no farther than that

  • We are all starseed. However indigos are starseeds from Earths original Star Gods. The current Star God's seed is who dominates earth now

    • When you say current Star God's seed, are you referring to the Annunaki who bombarded earth and rearranged the DNA of the native human species or the species before them that were working in favor of humanity eg. the Pleiadians

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    • Start with the first level of the papers. This is the most detailed breakdown of the research I could find anywhere

    • Thanks a lot