Why woman do not like seeing naked man, as man love to see naked woman?


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  • It depends on who he is. If he's a boyfriend I've been with for the while then yes, he can flash himself to me.

    If he's some guy I'm getting to know better through a dating site and he randonly sends me a video of him jerking off then nope, I wouldn't be turn on by it at all. I would be disgusted.

    • Are you aware we aren't exactly wired like men? Seeing a penis or his naked body doesn't exactly turns me on.

Most Helpful Guy

  • Imagine a naked man

    There u go

    • Im gay so that why Im asking... women do not like men as gay men do

    • You have an appreciation for the male body cuz you're male too

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  • The only reason a woman wouldn't like to see her man naked is if she's not attracted to him.


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  • Women think sexy while guys see sexy so a romance novel does it for a girl, when an image in a mag does it for a guy. I realize that this is way oversimplifying it, but it's a good place to start.

  • I think it's because a woman's body is sexier than a man's body.
    + she has pussy and boobs, 2 places to stare at and men only got the crotch :x hmmm

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