Does he still want to be with me?

We really like each other. He is in the military and overseas almost all of the time so it is hard for us to have an actual relationship. We have been seeing each other for a year but have only been together for 2 months in total. He is not after anything sexual he is just trying to make something in his life stable. I have no problem waiting for him to come back all of this time It is just the fact that nothing for him is permanent. He really wants something stable and told me if things got serious between us that would be awesome but he does not want me to feel like I am waiting too long on him and go out cheating on him. I told him that I would wait and i will it is just that I do not know if he will do the same because since he left we have not been able to message each other or communicate because he left his phone at my house before he left. I just do not want to wait all of this time for him to come back and he not want to be with me anymore. What if he thinks i do not want to be with him or I am mad at him and that is why I am not messaging him back. Advice?


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  • What I thought they can't have phones in the military.
    If he said he doesn't want you cheating on him, then I don't think he is cheating on you. The people in the military are very busy. Maybe he is busy, and will try to get in touch with you as soon as possible, just stay calm and wait. 😊

  • Why not wait for him to get out of the military before trying to figure things out?