Hey! I'm super bored and not at all tired, even though it's nearly three in the morning. So, tell me about yourself?

Here's a bit about me:
1) I'm 16 years old.
2) I'm super shy, but also very chatty. It's an odd combination.
3) I am majorly obsessed with Harry Potter. I'm a bit of a nerd 🤓
4) I'm 5'1 and have always been very petite.
5) I really want to get a belly button piercing.
6) I'm confused about my sexuality.
7) I am a tad bit obsessed with show tunes and I love watching musicals.
8 ) I really like to read and write.
9) I'm scared that nobody is ever going to like me and I'm going to end up alone.
10) I always smell like marshmallows. Thank you, Bath and Body Works, for coming out with marshmallow scented lotion, shower gel, and body spray! ❤️

Well, those are ten random facts about me. Now tell me about you 😊


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  • 1) I am old - by GAG standards LOL
    2) I am not a grump as my username suggests... just a minute... what do you want, ah shut the hell up... sorry my cat was bothering me, anyway...
    3) I am obsessed with my career
    4) I am 5'10" not overly tall for a guy but I blame my parents on that one.
    5) I don't want a belly button piercing because it would hurt like hell!!!
    6) I am not confused about my sexuality... woman naked, gooood!.
    7) I do like musicals, so I am with you on that one!
    8) I like to read, write, and sketch/paint. Mostly outdoor scenery.
    9) I am not scared to end up alone, because I am content with myself and you need to be able to survive on your own before you ever really worthwhile to someone in a relationship.
    10) I always smell like certain types of cologne and coconut macadamia nut body wash.
    11) My career takes me all over the province and I excel in helping endangered plants and animals to recover, which makes it very fulfilling!


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  • 1. I'm 17 years old and am going to be a senior.
    2. I'm a nerd and study for everything too much but it pays off because I'm probably gonna get into a good college because of it.
    3. I love knitting and sewing more than anything.
    4. I'm 5' 9" and weigh 120 lbs (yes I don't weigh enough lmao).
    5. I love dying my hair. It's been blonde, pink, gray, blue, orange, and now reddish-orange.
    6. I have my belly, nose, lip, septum pierced and 3 lobe piercings and industrial on both ears.
    7. I'm interested in both guys and girls but I try not to explore that chick side of me.
    8. I want to be a neurosurgeon when I grow up.
    9. I want to have 3 kids.
    10. I hate English and my favorite subjects are calc and anatomy.

    • I'm the opposite, I love English but absolutely hate math. Did it hurt when you got your belly button pierced?

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    • Yes they look so good I really want one. But my parents are totally against it so I have to wait until I'm 18 😒 It's legal for me to go and get it right now without their permission but I don't want to deal with their reactions once they find out so... hahaha

    • Ya don't deal with their anger now. Or just try to convince them that's what I did.

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  • 1. I'm 15
    2. Shy in the dating game and other games like monopoly but also chatty. Not an odd combination tho
    3. Read Harry Potter but not obsessed. I'm obsessed with WWII
    4. I'm 5'7 get rekt any day kid
    5. I really don't want to get a belly button piercing
    6. Straight as a snake m8
    7. I love movies and tv shows I'm a fanatic
    8. Woah that's cray cray I'm gonna be an author one day too
    9. A common fear, one that I share along with failure and a bit of heights lmao
    10. I definitely prefer coconut

    • Snakes can curve up pretty well though, and then they aren't very straight at all 😂 What tv shows do you watch? Ooh, do you watch The Walking Dead? That's my favorite TV show, even though it scares the heck out of me 😁😂

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    • Ugh seriously I need to know exactly what happens. I've already seen some spoilers though because of Pinterest, so that kinda sucks.

      Lol I'm just going to message you. Would that be okay?

    • That's what u get for being on Pinterest

      Yus u have la permission

  • 1. I am 16
    2. Live in Australia
    3. Shy, but quiet
    4. Quite fit, enjoy exercise
    5. 180 cm 5'11 I think
    6. Not the smartest but smart enough
    7. Love building, fixing and riding bicycles
    8. Too anxious to approach particular females :/
    9. My snapchat is toddbaldwin00
    10. Don't have another one...

    • Australian accents are so cute 😊

  • 1. I'm a guy
    2. I am on G@G
    3. I am 21
    4. I am bored
    5. It's 6 am here for me
    6. 6'3 in height
    7. Been in gag for 2 years
    8. I'm outgoing
    9. I don't tolerate nonsense.
    10. Go to number 1.

  • 1) I'm a very secretive person.

    That's pretty much it really.

  • im a guy and im very boring

    • I bet you aren't boring. You're probably actually very fun.

    • i wish i was fun

    • You probably just think you aren't fun, when really you are.

  • 1) I'm 27 years old.
    2) I'm what you'd call "gun-shy" meaning I just have a hard time opening up, but when I do open up, I can be quite talkative
    3) I used to be a Harry Potter nerd. I even dressed up as him for Halloween once, made my own nimbus 2000 and everything.
    4) I'm 5'6 3/4 but I usually just say I'm 5'7" and am quite skinny
    5) I don't like piercings or tattoos. I just don't believe in getting things put on your body like that
    6) I'm straight
    7) I'm not obsessed with show tunes and musicals BUT on occasion I will find one that I like, the one I like the best is already 15 years old (Moulin Rouge).
    8 ) I like to write, when it's about something I know really well. I like to read too but, not as much as I would like to be
    9) I'm also scared that nobody is ever going to like me and I'm going to end up alone.
    10) I don't really know what I smell like. I use body sprays, on occasion but I don't know

    • You sound great. Usually I just write fiction. I have a big imagination haha

What Girls Said 4

  • LOL. I am 5'5", 134 lbs, I work in IT and compensate stress and sitting with sport 5-6 times/wk. I live vegetarian. I am open and direct towards others.

    • You sound cool and confident 😊

  • Lol got a bit heavy on number 9
    1. It's almost 5 am, I have no self control
    2. I finished my online school yesterday
    3. I hear an airplane in the sky right now
    4. My eyes ache from staring at a screen for too long

    • Lol that's exactly how my eyes get but I'm addicted to my phone so...😁😂

  • 1) 17 y/o
    2) super awkward and quiet around people
    3) super into music (I play the guitar, the piano and I'm also in my jazz and chamber choir)
    4) I love superheroes (the Flash will forever be my son)
    5) I hate math
    6) I'm too scared to date people
    7) I like to write stories
    8) if you catch me exercising know that I want to cry
    9) my favorite part about driving is when the car is parked because that means the car isn't moving
    10) its 4 am and I don't know what I'm doing anymore

    • Ha. Skipped 8. Bc math

    • I play the violin. I just got my permit but I haven't actually tried driving yet so ahhhh. I too hate exercise but I force myself to jog every morning 😫😂

  • Hello.
    I'm 28 years old.
    I''m also super shy.
    I have a big norwegian forest cat.
    I have a girlfriend named Tone.

    • Awe how cute. The cat, I mean. And that's a very original name.

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