How can I say this in Spanish?

Failure is the only thing that triggers me

İs it something like '' El fracaso es lo que me provoca '' ?

İ need to make a sentence like ''failure is the only way to success''


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  • One way to say it would be "Mi prosperidad viene solo de los suspensos." (My prosperity/success comes only from failures.)

    And just to let you know... "el fracaso" does mean failure but only as a PERSON who fails, not the failure itself. It's more like calling someone a loser.

    • And by the way, Google translate is almost NEVER right so I wouldn't recommend it.

    • İ never use google translate for making sentences. İ liked what you wrote :) Thanks

  • How about "From failure we create success"
    "Desde el fracaso creamos éxito"

    • Yes but i need a sentence that includes me. İt should be something like ''Failure is the only thing that triggers me to success ''

    • Right okay... not sure why you need this but anyway. How about "From failure I build my own success" - "Desde el fracaso construyo mi propio éxito"

    • Thank you :)

  • Did you try google translate?


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