How many people on here are from Asia or the SubContinent? If so, tell us from where and what to see and do in your country?

Have to come back to Australia soon from Ireland- trying to decide on a stop over


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  • Im from South Korea

    • Therr aren't much to see hha it is a tiny country but i would recommend visit Busan i heard it is very nice and foreigners love that place

    • apparently the women are very sexy

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  • Nope I'm a US girl

    • From the state of the corn

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    • I was going to say Illinois but corninoi didn't roll of the tongue as good a cornifornia.
      I lived in lake bluff for a while myself actually.

    • @Sexualchrist I don't live in Iowa and Illinois anymore so I don't live in the land of the Corn just from there now I live in the land of the fucking rocks and sagebrush

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  • I'm not from there but Singapore is always a fun, clean, hi-tech place. Good food, Good shopping, reasonable night life.

    If you want something less tame go to Thailand. Malaysia is an unknown quantity to me but some of my Asian friends say it can be just as crazy as Thailand. Kuala Lumpur does look like a beautiful city. Maybe you can stop off there and then let me know?
    You'll be able to get flights straight from Heathrow to all 3 places I think. I'm not sure about Ireland but every time I've been to Scotland I've had to go to Heathrow first before I got out of the ravine that is the U. K

    • I plan to go to England to watch my toilet of a football team before flying out.

      I wouldn't mind China but takes a while to get a Visa. Singapore is a great place , as is Thailand, where you can Island hop and live like a king for very cheap

      I am leaning towards Sri Lanka, and Galle

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    • GWS i think are a season off

      i would have Sydney as favs, and you can't write off the Hawks

      cannot stand League, but love Union, and would love to see the Lions upsets the Canes in the Super 16 finals this week

    • Haven't been following the union since all the Australian teams are already out of super rugby.
      I'm not sure about the swans. They're having a lot of "what the fuck was that" moments in the games I've watched. Anyone who can deny them possession and move the ball around quickly are getting them. I think they're in decline.