Do you think this guy did anything wrong?

Do you think this guy did anything wrong?
I know it's kinda old, just wondering what you think about it so click the button and leave a comment, get your points here

P. S. Americans, you might need to build two walls

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  • I know where that's from, it's in skyrim. ^^

    He didn't do anything wrong but I voted for the wall because it's funny. XD

    • Walls can the solution to many things. Remember what the Chinese did to the mongols? They built a wall. If you need more electricity you build a wall. . . then turn it into a dam. The Americans had a hard time on D-day because the Germans built a wall

      Do you want Donald to build it?

Most Helpful Guy

  • I chose option C because "building a wall" is a reference to the current political debate while the quote from the picture is from Skyrim, said by a war-prisoner right before his execution without trial - so also a political issue.

    • so which issue do you think is more important? stormcloaks vs imperials or the wall?

      I think if Trump was Jarl then he'd build a wall to keep the dragons and thalmor out

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    • lol funny but Cyrodil might actually invade - a walled up Skyrim means they can't acces High Rock from Land anymore -their only non-Cyrodil holding. This would either mean Skyrim vs Empire War II or the Empire just collapses finally. Or at the very least High Rock is set free.

      But either way, the Thalmor then win in the long run.


      well then, in the end we just have to hope that Talos will guide us. Let's hope that it will be a high-elf's head on the chopping block next time. After the execution is done I'll mount its head on my wall

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  • absolutely not, he just voiced his opinion.

  • hey i know this is off topic but have you played the new doom?

    • Don't worry about it, off-topic talk is welcome on my questions. nah, I haven't played doom 4, I'm still playing the original

      I'm old school like that

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    • I'd hate to be that guy but it doesn't sound like it's just the GPU. Anyway what replacement are you going to get?

    • i have plugged in a old gpu its of radeon 256 mb and my pc is running fine

  • Skyrim for Nords ! ;D

    • You got that right, talos guide you

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    • @ThisDudeHere I think it was Empire's fault in the beginning, why the fuck did they go to Skyrim dude? Its not their bussines ya know, they invaded half of Skyrim and made there Emperor's property.. thats shit ! I think Ulfric is a real patriot who fought for his country to make Skyrim independent.

      Damn you guys just made me start play this game again.. :D I'll create an Assassin Khajit and join Dark Brotherhood, dont give a fuck about Nords and Imperials anymore, peace :D

    • Know your history my friend. For one, Talos - a Nord - founded the empire. For two, Skyrim was pretty much the only province that joined willingly when they saw that their kins brother is leading the empire.