How can you learn to be calm in a stressful situation?

So, I'm 17 years old and I took kick-boxing lessons for 1 year and I'm hitting gym for 3, and this summer I went to a motel with some friends at the sea side. All fun and games until one day we came back from the beach and a little came to play with us, it was like 8 o'clock, and we started screaming (in a fun manner, to entertain the kid) and some assholes got out of their room swearing us because we woke them up (remember they were like 25-30 years old, and we were 15-18), telling us to go to our rooms. I didn't really payed much attention to them (in fact, I didn't really cared at all, I've seen this kind of assholes before, and i just went on and did what I wanted anyway) so I didn't even bothered and went to my room. While I was in my room a friend apologized and told them that we didn't know they were sleeping, and they kept swearing and told him to go to his room, then he said:"If I want to, I'll stay right here all day long". I was in my room and I didn't heard that, but 1 guy went to him swearing and pushed away all my other friends in his way, when one of them called me to help (maybe he taught I would do something). I went out, I was in the middle of my friends doing nothing while some girls from their group came and took that one back, then we went to our rooms. No one there could tell, but I was very afraid, I know I could have helped, but in my mind were all the problems that a thing like this could cause. I wasn't afraid of them, I was afraid of the repercussion that a wrong action could make, and that makes it worse. I just feel guilty. I know I could start a fight and won, but I simply couldn't by the taught that it would make it worse. My question is how can you get rid of that fear? Of the over thinking of the events. Usually I'm a very calm person, I don't start fight (but I have been in some) I like to take a more diplomatic approach to this kind of problems, unfortunately they still come.


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  • You dont that's the thing. What you did was good. Better to walk away unless the other guy throws the punch and you have no choice.

    Remain calm.

    • Thanks but I still feel like I did nothing to help my friends, is it would have been just me, I wouldn't really care

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