Theoretical question. you are an alien zoo keeper on an alien planet and you are in charge of the human exhibit?

your job includes managing what they are fed and what they have in their enclosure. how many individuals are kept together? In short, how do you keep your humans happy?


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  • Let them starve and make them extinct

    • interesting concept, but for arguments sake humans are endangered so need conserving.

    • Well then, you'd be fired, wouldn't you? And good luck finding another job after that. Besides, it could be worse- you could be the alien zoo keeper in charge of the Xenomorphs exhibit.

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  • How large could their enclosure potentially be? I'd basically have an island-style enclosure, with a similar size to North Sentinel Island (70>80 sq. km) and a peak population comparable to that of the Sentinelese tribe (50>500 people, forming 2>6 different groups living separately). As for keeping them happy, as a zoo keeper, I'd say that wouldn't be a primary concern- I'd want to keep them content. In other words, keeping them ignorant.

    • The enclosure could be pretty large, but lets face it humans would know they are in captivity. Much like the great apes we keep.

      I think you're probably on the right track though, small groups of people with plenty of room. i guess the challenge would be keeping us mentally challenged.

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    • P. S- and of course, if any cynics arise who threaten that status quo, and spread doubts, unlike the humans' anti-interventionist 'God', you can actually intervene and move in straight away to nip it in the bud by striking down any 'blasphemers', increasing the general population's fear and respect of your incomprehensible divine power, and your apparent omniscience (with your ability to spy on everything that they say and do at all times). Easy peasy...

    • thats actually pretty smart. Humans raised in captivity, raised to believe in a certain god that provides for them would more than likely worship said god without question.

      a vast majority of our population are religious to some extent and behave in accordance to their religious teachings. if you could be that god like entity, controlling humans wouldn't be too difficult.