Girls, at what age did you start buying your own underwear, and what was the first thing you bought?

am curious, as a guy its really only two types of underwear and i was buying them for myslef from when i got my paper round at 14


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  • I started buying my own panties in middle school. The first thing I bought with my own money was a turtle.

    • ah ok, so what age would you have been when you started buying your own panties?

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    • so its more a do as i say not as i did then lol and yeah thats true and dont blame you for buying them as they do look amazing on ladies. think if i had a daughter id persuade her to by frenchies or boyshorts lol

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  • 16 or 17 and I bought thongs because my mom never let me until then haha.

    • nice, thongs are hot and most moms find them slutty lol

    • Thats exactly what she said too, but she respected that it was my money and I could spend it on whatever I wanted.

    • well thats cool if she accepted it was your decision

  • Around 15 and I bought a bra

    • thats cool, and i guess at 15 you were more aware of what you liked style wise

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