Would you consider trying to be with this person again or not worth it?

If your relationship ended with someone after an argument about world history and politics etc.. etc.. and finally said and ended it with "find someone who understands you" .. ..

You end up completely clueless as to what the heck just happened.. .. you try to understand if this person is serious and if so, how does this argument that has nothing to do with either of you result in break up? So you ask... Only to get an answer saying a number of things that you do that they dislike about you.. ..

The most logical conclusion you can obtain from this is that s person does not like your personality or you as a person... Right? ..

So if in the future the opportunity arises where you can give it another try with this person.. Would it be wise to do it? Even consider it? Or simply out of the question would simply never work because you can't be with someone who dislikes so many things about your personality.. ?

  • I'd give it another try if the opportunity came along.
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  • I wouldn't even consider it.
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  • I wouldn't even consider it.


What Girls Said 1

  • That's pretty sad if they will end a relationship over something stupid.

    • It does seem like that initially..."over something so dumb.." But then when he tells you it's not just "this" fight.. It's all these other things that you do that he dislikes... It' makes you think, why were you even with me for so long then if all these things bother you about me... 😕..

      And then later try to work something out... For what... :/