Can you name 10 things that your sex is better at than the opposite sex?

1. Sports
2. Driving
3. Math and Science
4. Sex
5. Saving money
6. Having common sense
7. Grilling
8. Video games
9. Manual labor
10. Being funny

I could have named a lot more. I guess men are just better at life in general

11. Farting
12. Burping
13. Drinking
14. Gambling
15. Raising children
16. Staying loyal in a relationship
17. Keeping friends
18. Making friends
19. Letting things go
20. Having a sense of direction
I had to look that word up. This isn't a video game but if it was I'd beat you at that too. Even tho I barely play video games.

You just admitted defeat by blocking me. LOL @ U just LOL.


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  • Um pretty much everything that matters.


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  • Everything anyone cares about.