Why was the Rio 2016 opening ceremony so bad?

Brazilians, I hope you feel ashamed, you've let yourself down

what the fuck did I watch? the only exciting thing was the flippin' fireworks. No way can that beat London 2012/ Beijing 2008. Not good enough Brazilians, you've let the world down :/

Yeah the people dancing were fun, the fireworks were nice, but that's pretty much it. The climate change crap was not needed, this is about sports. You just had a floor with projecting floor with some other crappy effects. You must have had a cheap, very cheap budget and I hope you are not proud of that. God those speeches were flippin' boring - I felt like I was going to sleep throughout the opening! Utter mess

**projecting moving images


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  • Visit or google "apocalympics2016"

    Brazil was and is a shit hole for crime and poverty. Hosting the Olympics wasn't going to change that...


    • Rio looks like a shithole wow

    • You should see what their "off-duty" cops have to deal with.

      Justice (if possible) is swift and mighty there, truly.

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  • Brazil lost to Germany in 2014 World Cup 7 to 1. What do you expect?

    • This time Brazil wins Germany


    • @ichot They should have cancelled the games this year or move them to London or something. Now zika will spread even more. Thanks to fucking Rio

    • @ichot Mein Vaterland never loses

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  • I agree! It was atrocious on so many levels! Honestly, it was the worst I've ever seen (and I've been watching it since 1992).

    On the other hand, the 2008 Beijing Olympics was the best I've ever seen!

  • Lmao someone's salty about something

    • Did you fucking watch the opening?

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    • what we need is for that retard to get a brain

    • @Mydnite That would be preferable, they're the reason we can't advance as a society

  • Don't know. Didn't watch as it was 6am.


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  • They had low budget, because they want to use the money in good things, not a expensive ceremony.

    • well why did they host it then?

    • The problems began recently, and cancelling the games would be more expensive than hosting them. Had they cancelled them, they would have to pay a fine.

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