Is being successful linked to having a lot of resistance to the social sites?

well i have a low resistance when it comes to Facebook , twitter or whatever... so what i can do? do u guys feel the same? if yes then what i can do to improve my present state of mind?


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  • I think it depends on what kind of success you're speaking of. I know social media can certainly destroy any person, so if you decide to embrace it, you have to exercise caution. Know how to keep private thoughts or experiences to yourself. Even an opinion on a social event can be used against you. Who I am with friends and family is not who I am at work, I tend to use who I am at work when posting on my social media. It's not that I don't believe or stand for somethings, I just don't think it should be used against me or taken the wrong way when posted.


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  • lol no. being successful have nothing to do with social media. just work on your dreams and goals

  • No not really there is no strong correlation at least

    • but most of the great men say their is i guess

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    • No cause if anythign social media helps promote yourself I'd say its only a problem for people who let it consume most of their day or their whole day.

    • yeah u r right i guess

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