Guys, what will you do if your girlfriend can't manage finance?

She doesn't spend her money on shopping.
In fact, she just shop what she really needs.
However, she really loves traveling and eat (hobby in culinary), and she just can't control it and manage her own money.
Her other qualities, she is wise and kind in personality.

What you guys will you do to your GF?
Do guys think this kinda woman is still a wife potential? Have ever heard about this case?


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  • It's not a deal breaker if she admits she has a problem. If she's my wife, then she will be on an allowance for her personal expenses and I will take care of all the rest. Absolutely no credit cards.

  • I'd give her a copy of You Need a Budget 4 and then it'd be figured out eventually.

    • Oh and obviously I wouldn't share my bank account with her.

      Although I don't really plan to do that ever.

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