Have you ever had a creeper knock on your door in the middle of the night?

Have you ever had someone knock on your door in middle of the night? Ever find out who it was? Someone came to my house around 2am knocking lightly on my front door. They knocked 3x. I didn't answer since i was already in bed and sleeping (knocking woke me up).


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  • Yes. It was a stupid prank from some highschoolers. They didn't find it as funny when I answered the door with a gun since it was 2 am.

    • But did they knock hard? Or light? Lol

    • Pounded on the door.

    • Yea id done same thing lol like make them look down barrel of 🔫 first thing they see lol

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  • Yes. At 3 am someone pulled my mailbox out of the ground and propped it against our storm doors and rang the bell and knocked. Apparently it was a game. They did this to like twenty people.


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  • when i stayed in a townhouse and the door was facing the outside.. yea...
    obviously you don't open the door...
    i mean, i have, around that time but i Called Them lol...

    • Lmao!!!

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    • hehehe... at 4am though... im passed the fuck out... good luck to them.
      I've actually had friends that i invited come over but i had passed out and didn't open the door... the next day explanation wasn't pretty.

    • Lmao!!! Thats funny =)

  • no, it could be someone who needs help, you should answer it.

    • Then id knock harder lol not like whispering "helloooo" . But no thats not normal. Im single woman so no chances lol

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