What's a good way to hide alcohol while on this camp thing?

We will be staying at a Uni for 1 week and we will all have our own room however we will share a kitchen between 6 people per apartment. I'm not sure what kind of alcohol to bring either or the mixer.



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  • You shouldn't drink, there is a reason you are forbidden alcohol

    • I'm allowed to drink, my dad and mom are okay with it, they just like it when i do it with family only. I can handle it if that's what your saying.

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    • I've only gone over the top once and that was 5 weeks ago. It was because i eat basically nothing that day and i stayed over at my cousins house and we drank, took shots, smoked. I hate beer, i can't stand the taste. I only drink until i get a buzz.

    • Wow, 5 weeks ago? Amazing

      Do you want to know when was the last time i went over the top? 10 years ago

      I'm just glad i didn't become an alcoholic for all the drinking i did when i was younger

      I'm just trying to give an advice, it's not for no reason alcohol is forbidden for kids. You might not think of it much now but you will once you're older.

      If you must, you can smuggle it in a shampoo bottle. Vodka is strong and can be mixed with almost anything