Is it silly for me to feel so proud of myself?

Okay I have never done anything remotely adventurous ever before.

And I get scared of things easily.

Soo my siblings wanted to go mountain climbing and I guess I wasn't sure if I wanted to go but said I would mostly just to save face. It was via ferrata so it wasn't unsafe at all.

However, I ended up feeling super proud of myself mostly because of how much energy was needed to do it. I keep uploading all these pictures lol I wonder if everyone thinks I'm lame lol

Guys is that attractive in a girl to do all that outdoorsy stuff


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  • No, that's all good! Be proud! Own that mountain

  • I think that's great

    • Is it normal for people to go mountain climbing like do a lot of people do it?

      I assumed it was pretty normal but then realized I've rarely if ever seen people upload pictures of it. Maybe it's more the people who love nature who are into doing things like that