What separates bipolar disorder from multiple personality disorder?

I need some information on this topic. I'm deeply interested.


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  • Multiple personality disorder you have separate distinct personality's. Its as if you have multiple souls living in your body. The souls can take turns, so suddenly you might be a guy who knows he is a guy and is actually 28 while you are just 18. The other moment you could be this 6 year old girl and actually have the mental capability of her. Some people suffering trough it actually can watch what the others do from an out of body kind of view where you are looking on to what your body is doing as if you are standing next to them.

    Bipolar doesn't have the above characteristic.


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  • hi, could i ask if this is a personal matter for your own mind sake? if so, would this make sense as a question, you can act very differently at times to the point it like another part of you escapes through the invisible field and you love it, at the time, however after you maybe question yourself about what you may have done, acted, said, scared yourself exposed yourself. it scares you a bit and confuses you but a balance within it you enjoy it a lot at the time like its freedom for your soul? just interested if any of that relates?

    • Yeah it's a personal question.
      A friend commented some days ago that I'm so different when I'm Inna good mood like I'm a different person. Like.. quoting his words 'you don't even seem like Z'
      And I joked, 'haha I must have bipolar disorder'
      Later I couldn't stop thinking about how I could be so angry, so happy, so bitter, and so empty.
      I feel so damaged
      And I'm not sure what needs to be happen.

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  • I know it's been a while since this was posted, but here's my two cents. Bipolar is where your mood and outward emotions either fluctuate over a long period of time, or oscillate quickly throughout the day. MPD is where you have multiple distinct personalities. For example, my girlfriend has MPD (due to a story too long to tell here), but she has three distinct personalities, and I've learned which is which. For her at least, each has their own likes and dislikes, though they do overlap.

    • This fascinates me, how do the other personality's that are not her react towards your relationship? Do they all tolerate you? Are there personality's who like someone else or might be to young to be in a relationship? I wonder how this plays out in a day to day base.

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    • Interesting, so its multiple distinct versions of her rather then completely different personality's. I recently saw a girl on a dating site who wrote on her profile she had this disorder to. It made me question if i would be able to deal with such a thing and how it would impact a relationship. In your case i imagine i'd be able to deal with it perfectly fine and it shouldn't cause any issues. Do you think things would be different for you if she for example had a 13 year old boy as her second personality?

    • Well, in her case, one personality is in fact masculine. It doesn't really affect me negatively, because that personality is actually really helpful. For example, that personality knows the ins and outs of car mechanics, and her small hands are a lot better for engine work than mine. As for the girl on the dating site, every person is different, so if I were you, I'd get to know her before making any judgements.

  • bipolar just makes you change your mood quickly. for instance you could be really angry and then be fine a second later. multiple personality disorder makes you a completely difrent person.

    • Like for some hours you were so happy with a friend and then the friend went to see another friend and u become so angry and sad that u stopped seeing this friend and then when that person apologized you felt empty because u were so mad.
      Is that it? Multiple personality. Or just one person.

    • sort of but with bipolar you can mood when talking to the same person but at least with me. (i'm bipolar)

  • Wikipedia is your friend


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