Is there an alternative way to move out of your parents house if you have no money?

I've never worked due to having social anxiety, but me and my parents don't get along and I don't want to live with them. But having little money from SSI isn't enough to move out on. I've tried applying to housing for people with disabilities and was denied, plus I hated the fact they had you living with 4 other guys I don't know and the thought of it creeped me out!

Is there any other way I haven't thought of? My parents haven't even taught me any life skills on how to move out either. I've had no guidance from them in life.
What about life coaches or social workers could they help me out in any way?


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  • Get a job. I have social anxiety and I work and support myself. Stop using it as an excuse. I know it'll be hard but you just need to push yourself

    • Right, so a 30 year old guy with no college degree and no work experience on disability in NY is going to get a great job to live off of, your dreaming nobody will hire me at this point! they will either deny me having a disability that affects me working around others, the fact I have no experience working, or that I have no college degree.

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  • yes, rob a bank and go to prison.