I think something bad happened to my boyfriend😢 I don't know what to do. Can someone please give me advice?

so my boyfriend went on vacation for a week with his family. He told me on the 29th that he would be back in a week. It has now been 9 days and he hasn't contacted me at all. I'm so scared that something bad happened to him ­čśó I tried contacting him by phone and text but his phone didn't ring. Please please help.

I feel like I'm screwed and there's nothing I can do
He also couldn't have ditched me because on his social media bio, it still says "(my full name) made me the luckiest guy in the world "


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  • Contact his family asap

    • I don't have any of their numbers, just his number

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  • He might be enjoying the holiday with his family and may have forgotten to bring cellphone chargers. Also, if he had brought one, I don't think he would be on his phone that much. Is he in the UK? My boyfriend is also on a week holiday (well more than a week actually) atm and they're coming back home tomorrow.

    Don't worry. He's fine. He'll contact you as soon as he's home. If he does not contact you a day or two from today, then that's probably the time you start worrying. But I don't see any reason for you to worry.

    • He is not in the UK

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    • Yeap. Turn the tv on and watch some good movies. Dln't over think.

    • Hey any update?

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  • Please contact with his friends or family. Or dial 911.

  • Ate┼čle haberle┼č


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