Is having exceptional success in something eg sport, writing, music innate or due to excessive hard work / practice?

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  • Hard work has a lot to do with it, but everyone at the prodigy level top 1% have their genes to thank for it.

    • But what about boybands who have mega success who can't really sing who would be in the top 1%? Would that include a mixture of factors determining their success?

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    • Well for that its also luck.

      Having good genetics to be attractive and marketsble to young girls.

      And presumably they had a big break where they met the right person at the right time so that they could be discovered

      So its mostly luck and marketing

    • @Bandit74 Yes that's a good point. I just don't know if there is a difference between consequences of actions and luck.

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  • I'd say all three equally.

  • Partly innate but mostly hard work

  • Hard Work


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