What atr your thoughts on the 💦Thirst Monsters💦 here on G@G?

I recently ran into a G@G thirst monster here. Needless to say it wasn't a pleasant encounter. Once spotted he threw a temper tantrum.

Have you ran into a thirst monster before? What are your thoughts? Should pest control be called in?

Here's where i encountered the beast

What atr your thoughts on the 💦Thirst Monsters💦 here on G@G?

Mistake in the title, sorry peeps


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  • I think its lame that you seek approval like that lol

    Why do you care so much anyway? You have a cooch? You are jealous girls dont flirt with you? I say live and let live.

    • So it's only ok when girls call out the thirst monsters? Nice double standard

    • I have never seen a question where a girl calls out a creepy guy.

    • Im pretty sure PlzJustDie posted one before of a guy DMimg her.

      Seek approval? What are you even talking about... 😐 you're probably a thirst monster too

  • Ugh I'm one of them I just like seeing what women will say to me if I lust for them lmao

    • His thirst was just pathetic tho. I've seen your comments, they're a lot more funny 👍

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    • He described OP to the T after stating she liked white guys then put a smiley face emoji at the end. That was the lamest thing I've ever seen in my life

    • Lol dude lmao, I haven't that one lol, I usually just ask can I tap that ass or call them pretty or call them babe and ask them to pm me

  • I don't think he was thirsty, for one.

    But for guys here who ARE thirsty, girls on this site have a problem where they act like they hate the thirsty guys in question opinions and such, but my gut tells me those same girls secretly send those same guys nudes in messaging and masturbate to their pictures.

  • lol dude those guys are viscous!