Why are there stars in the sky?

Our sun is a star and is the energy our world needs to survive, but when you look up in the night sky, at all of the other stars... what is their purpose? Why are they there? It's amazing that we are here because space is just a void of nothingness but yet these other stars, we look up and there's nothing, but in all of that nothing, there are other stars AND planets. What is their purpose for being out there amidst all of that nothing?

I love outer space but it makes my brain hurt trying to understand its significance lol.


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  • Take a class in physics, but that might be too much for you.

    • I'm looking at it from a philosophical and spiritual stand-point, not a "I lack an understanding in physics" stand-point. A bit of an unnecessary answer, don't you think?

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    • people also say that about superstition, but it's all the same BS.

    • Whatever you say.

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  • The answer is 42, dude.

  • When I look to the sky in London, I see no stars. Just a vast, empty blackness.

    • Light pollution and maybe a bit of pollution in general. :/

  • Your initial mistake is assuming things have to have a purpose.