I want to move out as soon as possible so what is the best way to do that? (Read details)?

Right now I live with my parents in downtown Toronto and well for personal reasons and because I have some issues with my parents I can't live here anymore and I wanna move out by this year. But the thing is if I rent alone it'll be more expensive so it will take me longer to move out but i found websites where you could find people renting rooms or basements Im their house. I'm thinking of doing that! Do you think it's a good idea why or why not? If it's not a good idea what should o do? And on the websites for the majority of the people that are renting out there places are guys (adults). Is that safe and okay or should I just try to find a female one? I like the offer the guys posted on there only because the prices are cheaper for rent. On those websites rent is from 300-500$

i would rent with friends but i don't have any friends that are looking for roommates that's why I choose to find a roommate online


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  • The more roommates, the cheaper it'll be but the less say you'll have over what goes on in your house. If your main goal is simply to move out, find any place you can afford and where you feel comfortable. Meet the guys or girls before you decide to move in with them, of course. I wouldn't say living with guys is an absolute "No" but some girls may find it uncomfortable. As long as you don't sign a long-term lease, you're free to move right away, if it doesn't suit you. At least you won't be with your parents.

    • Honestly my goal right now is to move out because I can't stay at home any longer (long strou why) and do you suggest any decent sites? I mean most of the sites I found you have to pay for which I guess I would if I have to but the thing is I'm just wondering if this is legit because I'm 100% serious about it and I would rather rent with a girl but I can't find any girl that's renting out for chew prices :/ and just wondering but what are some reasons
      Girls find it uncomfortable to rent with guys? And yeah I'll definitely not
      Sign a long term lease!

    • If you're college age, go to UofT and look around on the poster boards. There should be ads for people seeking roommates and they might be more quiet because they should be studying. Any classifieds site like Kijiji should work. No need to pay: www.kijiji.ca/.../c36l1700273

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  • Have a look at the places before you jump in. And try meet the roommates beforehand. Why can't your boyfriend move in with you?

    • Yeah I'll definitely make sure to look at the places first and meet the people first! unfortunately I don't have a boyfriend right now

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    • It is aweful I feel sad and depressed every time I'm here and it's just effecting my life in a bad way I don't know if I can do this anymore :(

    • :/ hun it will get better. They sound like my dad. But once you focus on the positives it'll work out. Sounds like your at least trying :)

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