How to talk to more girls?

It's 6 months since I last talked to a girl and when I do its because of school
My question isn't like how to talk to girls but more like where to meet girls to talk to if it makes any sense


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  • I dont know but i do know 1 thing, take a guys advice over a girls advice. Us girls usually aren't sure what we want until it hits us. Like i was about to give you some advice but i just realized the advice i was going to give you was basically "being nice and polite" and nice and polite guys are lame.

    Just listen to guys who are successful with women, guys already know how to catch women.

  • We are all over the place. Restaurant, school, shops etc.

    • I know but what meet you in a shop and talk to a stranger? Would girls accept that

    • Just walk up, and see hey. You have to observe the girl first, to see if she will accept you.

    • Say*

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  • If you want a chance of a date or a hookup your best bet would be a bar don't do to a club those can be quite expensive and girls usually go out with lots of their friends to those places so it would be easy for you to get cock blocked.