I need help with my sports decision of wanting to keep playing or quit?

Camp has already started, our first game is next week, so much going on. Whenever I went back to practice, I just felt blank in the inside about continuing this. The reason I don't feel like playing no more is because I'm not happy there, it's boring to me now. For some reason, I'd rather be watching the games then be out there playing. Can someone please help me with this? Advice, pros and cons, anything please, etc.


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  • What sport is it? 😊

    • Football.

    • Yap, I like playing it too, but I prefer watching, as well. Find other sports that caught your interest.

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  • Man, I had the same problem with my sport. I had a scholarship to run track in college four years ago and I ended up quitting right before our first meet and I regret it. I'll say if you're good at it try staying, and try talking to your coach or your dad or whoever you consider a mentor about your lack of motivation. I was the same way with track. I wasn't happy, I wanted to do other things, and I didn't make any friends on the team either. But, If you're just ok at it and don't really bring anything to the team, I'll say quit tho.

    • I say I'm ok at the position they have me, but I'm not like where I think I should be or great at it. I play football and they have me at DE, which is kind of my first time on defense; this is my first learning the position as well. Like I said, when practice started back up, I didn't feel like being there, wasn't happy, wasn't that fun. Also, I don't know if I'll get much playing time, that's something I have no idea about.

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