What's your greatest achievement in life so far?

So what would you consider your greatest past accomplishment? How proud does it make you feel and how has it changed you? Mine would be racing with a broken thumb, skinned palms and a fractured foot, coming first while at it. It showed me that things aren't always gonna be as impossible as they seem and to keep going especially in the worst of times, what's yours?


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  • I have no idea

    • Really? Come on, there has to be something lol it can be anything

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    • ok well that's better than calling the damn exterminator lol

    • True lol and thanks for the mho

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  • I got a job with my dad and my brother cleaning a garage. My dad made 11k, me and my brother each made off with 7k. It took us 5 days. Pretty good for my standards.

    • 7k each? Wow damn that's a hell of a lot of money, I've only made like 5k in 2 years but I'm a lazy ass lol

    • Or trust me, I'm so fucking lazy. But when the job comes up of making a minimum of 4 k to a max of 7 k I'm a little under a week, you get yo ass up!