I've gotten a terrible cold when we're super short staffed at work?

People will have to ditch their own jobs to cover for me.

but this is the literal worst sore throat I can remember, my head is throbbing, and it's 4am and I haven't gotten any sleep.

What do I do?


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  • You go to work. It's a cold, not the zombie plague virus.

    Next time you want to believe some bulldrek about the mythical wage gap, remember two things:

    1) women have much higher absenteeism than men
    2) you have to SHOW UP in order to get paid.

    • I wasn't looking for some comment from an angry proverbial small dicked man about gender inequality. Fuck off.

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    • @TakeMaker

      Women are constantly bitching about it and other imagined inequalities. When they present an opportunity to rub their noses in it, I'm gonna take it. Doesn't matter if this particular woman has bitched about imaginary things or not.

    • Ah right, just attack all women in case they happen to have a view you don't agree with? Yeah, can see the logic in that...

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  • It's a cold, suck it up and go to work. Moving about will probably help you.

    Sore throats need soothing. Make some honey and lemon up with warm water and keep drinking it. Ginger is good for a cold, so lemon an ginger tea with honey is great. Live natural yoghurt helps enormously when I have a throat infection, but it has to be LIVE.

    See if you can get some paracetamol with caffeine in, great for colds and going to work.

    Steam your head: run the hot tap until it's REALLY hot, then fill the sink and get a towel and cover the sink and get your head in the steam. Breath deeply to make sure it really gets in your lungs, should help with the headache. If you have anything like vapo rub, anything eucalyptus-y then chuck that in the water and inhale.

    Fresh air should help rather a lot, I know it seems like the last thing you want to do, go outside, but it helps clear your sinuses and head.

    Go into work though, save the sick days for when you REALLY need them.


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  • Eat/ drink something warm or hot, and take some cough drops or panadol to relieve the headache and drag yourself to work.

    If you still feel bad during lunch break, go home and talk half day off.

    Usually warm honey lemon tea soothes sore throats. Feel better.

  • I suggest you try and drag yourself in and show you are visibly sick so people dont think bad of you x

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