Is it possible to never tell another lie for the rest of your life?

Recently I lied to my mother about a bad situation I was in when she asked me about it. She believed me, but I felt wrong and guilty for lying and for the situation itself. I considered telling her after things blew over but just not right then. A few days later, she asked me about it again and to please be honest with her. This time I admitted it and understandably she was angry and hurt. I'm truly sorry for what I did and even though she's calm now, she doesn't trust me anymore.

In general I don't lie often but I sometimes do in situations where I'm scared of getting into trouble with my parents. Past situations were me secretly helping out someone I used to be friends with who my parents didn't like, though the things I helped with were nothing bad. I admitted to my parents later on and it's over now since they were right to not like the friend. I hope to never lie again but in the last few days I've slipped up with a couple of white lies e. g saying I'm fine when I'm not. I am making an effort to tell the truth about everything, especially things where I'll probably get into trouble e. g if I haven't started my summer assigments or my chores yet. Is it possible to never lie again for the rest of your life?


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  • It's possible, but most people have to at least lie by omission and pretend they don't know something, to avoid embarrassing or hurting other people.

    If all your friends were saints themselves, you could be one too and NEVER lie.

    But otherwise...


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  • No, every now and then you come across situations where you will have to cover it with a white lie to not hurt the people close to us. It can be avoidable because it also becomes a habit later on.

    But moms always knows when it comes to their children. It has something to do with maternal instinct - I suppose.

    • Thanks for answering :) Yeah my mother is very good with instincts!

    • So was mine lol. I'm usually bad at lying so I feel you

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  • Not and live. It literally cannot be done in some situations or people will kill you.

  • It is possible, but you will probably do more harm than good. Sometimes you need to lie to people to spare their feelings, or you need to help your friend by backing up their lie.

    If someone you don't like just straight up asks you "am I ugly?", you're gonna have to say yes.

    • Yeah true about the helping a friend thing. With the type of person I am, I hate the possibility of hurting people's feelings but I don't want to lie, so I'd want to tell them the truth in the kindest way possible. And apologise if they're hurt and say I didn't mean any harm. But I understand lying to spare hurt feelings, I've done it before so I probably will mess up and do it in future too.

      With the 'am I ugly?' thing, I'd actually tell them they weren't ugly if I found them attractive even if I hated them 😂😂

  • Not possible , you could lie and not know it even at times

    • That's an interesting way to look at it. But in that case, is it lying or is it not telling the truth because you don't know what the truth is? I want to at least tell the truth when I'm aware of it :)

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    • Hahaha I'd rather tell a difficult truth in the kindest way possible but I probably will mess up and lie again at some point 😂

    • I knew you would like that scenario 😊

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