Trying to grow my hair until my birthday, by the way im balding. suggestions?

title says it all.
im tired of shaving it down with a razor and bleed like a pig

ladies, is balding a turn off to you? major deal breaker? (btw, i had girls saying they couldnt care less about it)

guys suggestion to hide the horror until the 28 of September (IE my birthday)?


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  • You should do what you want, and see for yourself whether you like it. It isn't a turn off, however, long hair with balding looks bad.

    • lol i had a friend of mine like that, long hair and bald. looked like a creep

    • Yeah exactly! Long hair is gorgeous. My boyfriend has shoulder length, and it looks great with his curly hair. He's not balding (he's 28) so he's just lucky. But when he will get bald spots, it won't look as great.

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  • Dude I went through all of what your going through but with me it was at a much younger age , 22 to be exact. It bothered me for a while. But the more I looked at guys around me I realized it wasn't as uncommon as I had thought. So I just stopped trying to his it from people. I may have had some insecurities in my younger day but thinning hair wasn't one of them


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  • You know what I hate about girls: insecurity.

    You know what girls hate about guys? Insecurity.

    I've lost a bit of hair recently, no one actually notices till I tell them, unless you're really really bald then it's not even noticeable

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