Unpaid item on lalafo?

Hello guys this is a different question i think
I recently sold a computer from Lalafo
we talked with the buyer he was going to add money to my bank account and i would send it to him
i send the item but something went bad, he "had a trouble" for a few days and he didn't pay
after the item was delivered he said that he never took the item and he can't pay the money (380$) for something he doesn't have.
What should i do? Can the police help? What if someone stole his identity and took the item from the post office? (They don't really care if you are the person here, someone can just get in with the paper that was delivered on your door that proofs you're you)
Lalafo says to only deal face to face and cash
No tax was involved
the only proof is that an item was sent and that i talked to the buyer from lalafo in purpose to sell it to him. But he never paid
I know it's stupid but, i believe this could be an illegal transaction so the police is out i guess


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  • He lied. You should definitely call the police.

  • Yes call the police


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  • Always get the money before you send the item. Number one rule of selling things online. Of course he got the item. He's just pretending he didn't so he doesn't have to pay. You have his address right? Why don't you call the cops, tell them what happened and give them the address. Maybe they'll search his house.