Reading English is tiring me?

is it normal that reading English is tiring me im from Europe and my English is good actually but i prefer reading things in my own language?



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  • Of course! Any foreign language is more work, at least until you become 100% as fluent as your first language. Reading German for me takes twice as long and I can't read for as long because with English, I don't even read half the words but I still get all the meaning. I am still in a phase where I have to take ever sentence in German and translate it to understand it, I can't just understand it straight from German.

    I am sure you are similar from the sounds of it.

    • ok thanks, german is my first language :D what do you think when would i speak English fluently if i moved to usa?

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    • nice thanks for the help ! :D

    • Kein Problem!

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  • That's pretty normal, I think.