So this is how school went, how do I fix these problems? Don't worry they're not that bad?

So I got my schedule my first period is Japanese 1 which is suprising but I'm in there with a bunch of over achievers who think they're shit don't stank. I wanna stay in the class but I don't know anyone in there, my assigned seat is way in the corner by a bunch of guys that fool around behind me a lot. I have to get my second period changed because of a mishap so I'll deal with that another time. My 3rd period is math, my teacher is a old lady she seems kinda nice. But again my assigned seat is way in the back of the room and I only know one guy in there so I might ask if I can sit behind him but that might not happen. My fourth period teacher isn't bad either but AGAIN, all the people I know in the class are just acquaintances, plus they all sit way in the back while I'm stuck straight in the front. So overall I'm kinda pissed not because I don't like my teachers or even the classes. I just don't have any friends I sit next too or I don't have any friends that wanna talk to me so no chance of conquering my fear this year already. Plus yesterday I went to get new school pants and what happens? I already have to shop in the little kids section because I'm so short, but I tried on a size 16 slim, the pants legs were finally just perfect but the waist was a little to tight so I had to get a size 18 slim. As you can guess once again I had to go to school with my pants and shirt almost falling of my body because I'm so thin. (Don't say eat more, I'm an ectomorph and eating a little gets me too full)


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  • This is why I hate seating arrangements.

    I reckon those are not problems for now; what matters is your performance this school year. Those "acquaintances" will gradually be your friends, the people whom you'd confide with as the school year would go rigorous and even more rigorous in the future.

    If you disagree with that statement above, try to initiate in talking to people yourself. If that's hard for you, that's how it really works in life. You don't get noticed if you don't display the initiative, anyway.

    PS: You go to school on August? Wow 😮

  • These aren't problems and being ectomorphic isn't a thing. Buy a belt and eat more food.

    • I can't. And why wouldn't I have a belt? It's required for school but when I wear it, it makes my pants all puffy and shit like I'm from the 80s or 90s or something

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    • Nope. He isn't on a "certain diet." he eats what everyone else eats. Just get your head out of your ass. Some people just can't gain weight, or it takes decades to put on just thirty pounds.

    • I have a belt, and anyone who's ever had the slightest reason to wear a belt at 17 probably kept it.

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  • Well, it seems like you really don't have any huge problems :) . If you really want a friend find a suitable acquaintance and try to upgrade. Also, assigned seats suck, can you do anything about those?

    • Not really but we do change every semester plus I'm in algebra 2 which is one semester, so I go to advanced math next semester