My boss put her hands on my face, is that inappropriate?

My boss is in her early 40's married with grown kids. The other day she put her hand on the cheek of my face and said " is my hand cold?" And just stared at me. I was kinda of taken back a little only because she is not a very touchy person. This is the second time she has done this. The other thing too is that when we are looking at paperwork, her body rubs up on me mainly her hip, buttock area and she does not flinch back it is kind of just relaxed. Like if I rubbed up on her butt pretending to be an accident she would not say anything. There is another co-worker I work with but I have never seen her put her hands on him or be that close to him. I've been there for about a year and a half.


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  • Yes, that's highly inappropriate. Seems like she has some lust for you.

  • bad bosses
    it is really exist : D

    • Like I feel like her eyes are on me, but then I'm like nah she goin out with her husband tonight for dinner. But that touching me seems kind of inappropriate in a workplace setting? Like if I did that back to her she would probably be like why is he putting his hands on me? I don't know she does try to set me up with her niece who is a lawyer. Maybe she just trying to warm me up to her family.

    • you are about 2 things now :
      1- to be fired
      2- to get a promotion
      good luck with that : D

    • just don`t do anything till it become clear :