Verizon or Straight Talk (Both Prepaid)?

I am on Verizon Wireless I pay $45 for 2GB of data, unlimited talk and text, their customer service is excellent and treats you like you mean something to their company. Straight talk i could pay $45 for unlimited data**, text and talk (** first 5GB at high speeds then 2g).. I heard their customer service is the worst they don't treat you like you mean anything to their company and that its just indian call center.. Do you think switching to Verizon would be the best?

I made a typo in the question, I meant do you think switching off Verizon to straight talk would be worth it to get the extra data? I mean i blow through 2GB of data pretty fast..


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  • Check out Page Plus Cellular. They're pre-paid, use VZW's network, and are cheaper than most other MVNOs. I've been using them since 2009. Great service.

  • I have Att&T but it's very pricey but customer service is good

  • They both look at you like $$$ signs.

    • So it wouldn't really matter to switch off verizon and go over to Straight Talk?

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