I was three months pregnant and showed no signs or anything?

The other day I found out I was pregnant and over three months into it but I didn't have a clue. I showed no signs up till just the past week or so I was loosing weight and a lot of it instead of gaining like you are suppose to when pregnant and I was seeming to get my periods (have always had super light periods) recently tho I got sick and had to go into my doctors and she told me I was pregnant. She sent me to a clinic so I could see how far along I was and turns out its been over three months. Has anyone ever heard of this or had this happen before? It just seems odd that I didn't have any signs the only sign I showed was that I started to get sick a lot and started to have cramps in my stomach but that only just started over yhe past week.


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  • It's been known for women to give birth without ever knowing or realising they were pregnant.
    Oh and many, many congratulations upon your pregnancy. x

    • Thanks and really? Wow first time I have heard that before its just so shocking to think you wouldn't know whats going on with your body till your about to give birth like that

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    • Okay I will give it a look still gotta tell my boyfriend he is probably gonna freak and wonder how we didn't know

    • Thanks :)

  • Some people don't know until they give birth, a friend of my mums who worked at a hospital , perfectly average body weight, went to the bathroom during work because she felt like she needed a number 2, she came out with a baby.

    • That's so scary to think that can just happen like that to give birth and not have known that you were pregnant in the first place like that but good to know thanks

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    • @BaileyisDarcy I know you would think you would know if your pregnant I dont understand it either

    • Sometimes the symptoms aren't major. I'd imagine it's similar to when some women get appendicitis and pass the pain off for just period cramps. Any discomfort we feel in the lower abdomen, we generally pass off as cramps. I think she only had one other symptom which was swollen feet, but she was on her feet a lot anyway so it didn't occur to her.

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