How come certain people don't seem to like me on here?

Probably going to regret asking this one but I think it was a few days ago someone asked a question of "what's your reputation on GAG?" I basically commented I didn't know and asked if anyone could clue me in and got 2 dislikes.

I remember I used to get picked on a lot in my first year of college too, granted a lot of those people kind of bullied a few other people too but I definitely felt like I was the main target.

I understand you can't please everyone no matter what you do but I just want to know what exactly it is people don't like about me.

I try to be empathetic and nice toward people, though I also try be honest yet sensitive though I have some strong views on certain things. Perhaps people don't like that or perhaps sometimes I come of as a bit annoying due to some of my opinions? I don't know.

Can anyone tell me why please?

I just want a reason really


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  • You have to believe in yourself, my dear. The world is full of arseholes, most people are really in their own narrowly constrained world, have their own issues... Look at the world more clearly, and ask yourself why their validation is so important to you, and if they are the right sort of people to be doling out their judgement. And how existentially frail would you be, if your whole world would come crashing down at few a choice, nasty or careless words!

    Some people don't deserve your niceness. It's important to have boundaries.


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  • You care way too much what others think about you. Stop acting like your goal in life is to please and impress everyone else as if receiving approval is the best internal mission you can have for yourself. The truth is that most approval of others isn't worth chit. These people that you're desperately, eagerly trying to get to like you probably aren't even all that valuable deep down inside. Their thoughts, actions, and pattern of behavior most likely isn't even something to deeply admire, respect, or think highly of. They're not going to rush to your aid should your house burn down tonight. They're not going to be present at your funeral or wedding. They're not going to be making an effort to communicate and stay in touch 10 years from now so who gives a f*ck?

    Stop giving a f*ck. It's good for the spirit.

    • I see your point though it's not so much that I want to impress them, just want a reason for why they don't like me really. You're right I should probably stop caring though, I am a bit sensitive.

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    • Stop obsessing and worrying about if and why people do or don't like you.

    • It serves no purpose and has no true value.

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  • Not everyone can be liked on here (like me) perhaps if you strive real hard... oh never mind it just not going to happen...

    Anyway, don't take it so hard. It is the internet, people are not always going to be nice. I just chalk it up to! Meh, whatever!

  • Personally, I hate you because you're young and I'm not. You could argue I'm being unfair in that I don't even know you, but trust me; if I got to know you even slightly, i'd find at least a dozen more reasons to hate you. I don't mean to upset you, but it's the only thing I excel at, so respect your elders!

  • There will always be people that will disagree with you (especially on the internet). Don't let thumbs down get to you. Everyone on this site has gotten thumbed down many times - including the saints (which I am not). Lol.

  • Gag is full of dorks so I wouldn't let it bother you.
    This is the internet and you gotta have thick skin.


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  • honestly I don t know you
    anw, you really should stop giving 2 fucks about what others think