I need help, I need people's opinions.. about a really hard choice. Pls help me?

Hi, im in a really bad and hard situation right now..
I have 3 dogs and one of my dogs came from a bad place and has been abused by her old owner.
I've had her for 4 and a half years now, she has always been very special first thing she did when i got her was to bite me lol But she was just really scared cuz i got her old owner to drive her to me, they live 4 hours away from me so she was in a whole new place.

She has always had stress and panic problems she is really scared of almost everything all she wants to do is live in my house around 4 walls with everything how it is and doesn't like going out. If i for exampel move the sofa to the other side of the room, it makes her stressed she doesn't want any changes. She is pretty much only happy at home.
She doesn't like going out. she stresses and pulls on the leash and she wants to bite other people walking by, kids etc all kinds. She can't controll her anger so she needs to bite on her leash to get her frustrations out and if she doesn't get a hold of the leash she will bite the grass, my bag or if she doesn't get ahold of anything she would bite my leg or hand for exampel if she sees another dog.
She once bit one of my other dogs bad, and my other dog almost lost her eye (it popped out) but was able to be fixed.
Sometimes she is the most sweet dog ever but thats only at home.. I can't be out with friends with my dogs cuz she won't behave (my other dogs r perfecty fine and well behaved) and i can't leave her at home without needing to lock away my other dogs so she doesn't hurt them if for exampel if some1 rings on my door bell while im out. I always need to have full controll..
This is stressfull for both me and my other dogs. They go great together if everything is calm at home but when things happends it just doesn't work..

  • I'm sorry but neither of you are happy. Put her down..
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I dont want to loose another thing that means so much to me.. I lost so much this year.
She has back bad back problems.. But is she in pain? Is she not happy? I don't know.. i dont want the dog to suffer.. for a week straight i haven't let this thought go at all.. Its killing me inside, but I've given it so many tries.. I've done everything i can, and she wouldn't be happy with another family or owner. What should i do? Pls help me..


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  • if you can't find some sort of rescue to send her to you may have to put the dog down.

    have you tried actively socializing the dog? it can take time but dogs can be re-conditioned.

    unfortunately at some point you have to decide what is best for you and the dog, and if a rescue or someone else to adopt her is not an option then you may have to put her down

    • I've tried everything.. its at the point that im starting to think its best to put her down :(

  • Dont put her down!

    • Why? U got any reason or tips?

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